FarmStart farmers can receive assistance through the seed capital program to purchase seeds, small tools and other equipment. This “pass on the gift” concept, introduced by Heifer International (one of our funders), requires new farmers who receive this funding to pass on the value of the assistance they receive as a gift to another new farmer.  While this mostly happens through mentorship or vegetable donations to food banks, it seldom takes the shape of a like for like pass on.

Last week we had our first like for like pass on in this program when Jake Heeramun gifted 7 North County Cheviot sheep to Connie Kellner-Miller.  Connie is a new farmer, she is  starting  a market garden and will be raising the sheep for wool and meat (see Connie’s blog at Jake added 3 extra lambs with the gift, as he did not want to separate the young ones from their mothers. Great gesture Jake and all the best Connie.

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