FarmStart is very happy to announce a brand new learning opportunity for future farmers: Exploring the New Farm Dream, a course for people who are thinking about starting a farm.

Developed by the New England Small Farm Institute, the Explorer course helps aspiring farmers learn what it would take to start and mange their own agricultural enterprises, and decide whether this the right path for them.

The Explorer course takes a learner-centred approach to exploring agriculture as a career.  Participants in the course will be guided through an in depth self-assessment process, focusing on the specific aptitudes, interests, skills and resources that they can bring to their new farm businesses.  They will receive support through the process of researching opportunities in agriculture.  And they will have the chance to meet other serious gardeners, farm enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs who are also asking themselves, “is farming right for me?”

The course will take place over four Thursday night sessions at the Multicultural Inter-Agency Group of Peel (MIAG), in Mississauga.  It will also include two Saturday daytrips to innovative local farms.

If you dream of starting a farm but are not sure where to start,  Exploring the New Farm Dream is the ideal learning and networking opportunity for you!  Register quickly, as we expect the course to fill up soon.


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