The Government of Canada is seeking input on a proposed domestic policy and implementation framework to manage the low level presence of genetically modified crops in imports.

The objective of the Policy and Framework is to provide transparency and predictability for importers and exporters and minimize disruptions to trade while protecting the health and safety of people, animals and the environment. It is also intended to facilitate an efficient risk-based approach to manage an expected increase in occurrences of low-level presence (LLP) in international trade, while promoting compliance with Canadian regulatory requirements.

The objective of this consultation is to gather Canadian public and stakeholders’ feedback on the proposed Policy and Framework. The input received during this process will inform the development of the final Policy and Framework that will be presented to the Government for its consideration.

Additional background information on low level presence is also available.


Timeline and Consultation Process

The consultation period is from November 6, 2012 to January 19, 2013.

Please note that the Government of Canada will only take into account comments directly related to the proposed Policy and Framework. Comments unrelated to this consultation or submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Following the consultation period, the Government of Canada will review and consider comments received. A summary of key issues raised during the consultations will be prepared at the end of the consultation process and the report will be made available on this website.

How to participate

Please read the proposed Policy and Framework and then complete the online consultation questionnaire. You can also preview the consultation questions before completing the questionnaire. Consult the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on LLP as well as the Policy and Framework.


For inquiries pertaining to this consultation or to obtain a copy of the documents please send an email to:


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