From chef Dan Barber’s presentation on ecological aquaculture (“How I Fell in Love with a Fish”) to Britta Riley’s Window Farms Project, which digs into ideas of collaborative innovation (or what she calls R&D-I-Y), this past weekend’s TEDx Manhattan conference all about Changing the Way We Eat was full of ideas worth sharing about changing the way we farm.  Of course, this is no surprise since the way we farm is so inextricably linked to what we eat (although this point still seems to be lost on some unfortunate farmers and eaters).

Between your next meeting and garden planning session, while there’s still a good excuse to curl up on your couch while the snow flies, I would highly recommend making a little time to explore the online video archives of the TEDx Manhattan Changing the Way We Eat conference.

Also, check out the Time Magazine article on Changing the Way We Eat.

While you’re at it, you may also want to check out the video archives of the TEDx 2009 Hart House conference that took place in Toronto on the Future of Food.

And one more if you have time: it’s been years since I first saw Dan Barber’s TED talk on foie gras, but it is still one of my favourite stories of ecological agriculture on the web.

Melissa Watkins,

Director of Programs & Operations


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