In March and April FarmStart participated in two Careers in Agriculture High School Workshops.  The workshops were organized by the Career Education Council as part of a two year program to raise awareness among high school students about the opportunities that exist in agriculture.  The workshops which were held in Mount Forest and Guelph are leading up to a Careers in Agriculture Conference which will be held in the winter of next year.

The workshop featured many great speakers including Tarrah Young of Green Being Farm who spoke about how her interests in the environment led her to take a course in Organic Agriculture at the University of Guelph. The course, Gateway to Organic Agriculture, was a catalyst in her journey to becoming the successful farmer/entrepreneur that she is today!

FarmStart had a booth, and a workstation at the event where we did a fun seeding activity with the students. Thank-you to all our farmer friends at Ignatius Farm CSA, Everdale, and Cedar Down Farm who donated the seeds for this activity!  We also had self assessment worksheets, taken from the Exploring Your New Farm Dream Course, which students were encouraged to fill out to help them determine if farming was something they might be interested in.

The two events were fun, interactive, and hopefully a few students walked away realizing that agriculture is more than just farming, farming is really cool, and there are many ways to get involved!

Rebecca Hodges – Training & Resources Intern

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