The FarmStart initiative, incorporated in 2005, grew from the recognition that farming communities are aging, and structural, economic, and practical challenges are preventing new and young farmers from getting into the sector. At the same time, consumers and governments are beginning to make a sustainable, healthy, regional food supply an economic and social priority.

While there are many challenges in agriculture today, there are also many exciting opportunities. New farmers can bring skills, connections and passion that can lead to innovation and renewal.

FarmStart aimed to work with new farmers and the agricultural sector to think about agriculture in new and innovative ways to creatively meet these challenges head on.

FarmStart began as a Start-Up Farm near Guelph, (based on Intervale) in order to provide a supportive and relatively risk free way for people from non-farm backgrounds to enter the sector.  After this we expanded, developed and piloted various programs in response to the needs of the prospective and current start up farmers in Ontario, working primarily with New Canadians, young people from non-farm backgrounds and second career farmers.

FarmStart aims to continue to provide practical support, sector leadership and a voice for a new generation of farmers.


Registered Charitable # 803120872RR0001


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