A New Generation of Farmers

We are part of an exciting resurgence of interest in healthy food and farming.

Increasing numbers of young people from farm and non-farm backgrounds, new immigrants and second-career farmers who are striving to build innovative, economically viable and ecologically sustainable farm enterprises.

There are many challenges facing these new entrants, yet there are also new opportunities. And they bring skills, connections and passion that can lead to innovation and renewal.

These farmers are interested in developing practical production skills, learning from mentor farmers, and integrating solid business planning. At the same time they are creating new ways of doing business:

  • They are integrating sustainable production techniques and knowledge with new technologies.
  • They are developing diversified and resilient approaches to manage their crops, animals and farm businesses.
  • They are building on relationships and social media to connect with customers and create meaning and value for their products.

The growth of consumer demand for organically produced, artisanal and locally-grown foods has created a viable space for these new entrants and small to mid – scale farm businesses who are able to be more flexible, responsive and transparent.

This new generation of farmers is creating real and delicious change in their own lives, our communities and across our farmlands.

Check out our profiles of a new generation of farmers!

Or get involved in one our programs if you want to join them!

*Video:the farm starts here - kind organics story


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