Our Objective

Our goal is to encourage and support a new generation of entrepreneurial ecological farmers.

We encourage lots of people to explore their new farm dreams. We help more serious prospective farmers assess and plan their next steps into agriculture. And we connect new farmers with training, resources and mentors as well as land, assets and peers that help them to not only get their farm businesses off the ground, but to thrive.

We aim to help make the road to a farming dream a little more accessible, a little less risky, and a little less lonely. We provide start-up farms, seed capital and flexible training and skills building opportunities as well important connections to peer, mentor and community networks.

We believe new farmers need to be resourceful, brilliant and hard working if they are going to succeed in farming. We can’t make it easy, nor  can we hold anyone’s hand.

However, we have found that small amounts of timely and effective support and encouragement can make the difference for someone choosing to pursue the exhausting, challenging and rewarding road to become a farmer.

And we believe that we need all the people we can get exploring and choosing this road to farming if we want to have established farmers 10 years from now.

Below is the image we use to describe the path of new entrants into farming:

New Farmer Spectrum


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