March and April have been busy months for FarmStart’s Training and Resource Intern Rebecca Hodges. She has been attending tours and workshops left right and center! Here is her account of the two workshops she attended!

Buying a Farm Workshop

I was just blown away by the Buying a Farm Workshop! Held at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto earlier this month, facilitator Tarrah Young (who was raised by two real estate agents herself!) delivered a fantastic workshop based on her experience purchasing her property Green Being Farm.

I had no idea how different buying a farm property is from buying a house. You have to carefully consider the soil, the well, water quality, the climate zone, outbuildings, and the list just keeps going! I thought that this workshop was extremely useful, directing you to handy resources, and preparing you for the buying process whether you are a first time buyer or already have house. I wish all those who attended good luck with the search for your dream farm!

Dirt on Soil Workshop

Soil is a major topic in farming, and this workshop really covered a lot of ground! Tarrah combined hands-on demonstrations with in-class tutorials that dug deeper into the science of soil. I thought it was great how she was able to deliver this information in a way that made it palatable for those who are not chemistry buffs! The Dirt on Soil Workshop took place right around the corner from the FarmStart McVean Start-up Farm in Brampton. Facilitator Tarrah Young actually took the group to the farm for the afternoon to dig some soil pits, have a look at the profiles, and do some outdoor activity.

I felt that the lessons Tarrah taught were truly applicable for people farming on many different scales. My favorite part was the lessons on soil biology. Tarrah reminded us about how it is important to take care of and feed the soil microorganisms that are responsible for many of the activities and processes that help us farmers grow our crops successfully!

Looking for upcoming training opportunities?  

FarmStart is offering a Weed Management workshop on June 9th.  For more details click here.

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