By 3porchfarm, Nov 28 2013

We like this 5 question article from 3 Porch Farm

1) Scale. Do you want to go high volume, with lots of hands and equipment and sell to supermarkets and wholesalers, or do you want to produce just enough that you can do it yourself and retail it all for the highest return per item?

2) Finances. It takes a lot more than seeds and water to get started on a farm. Like any business there is a significant overhead from day to day, but it is quite substantial at the outset. Make sure you have done your research, so you can adequately account for all your upcoming expenses in as healthy and pre-planned way as possible, so you don’t end up bankrupt before the end of the first year.

3) Lifestyle. Many people have an image of a peaceful and bucolic life on the farm, surrounded by butterflies and happily harvesting tomatoes. That does exist…
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